27 Nov

an uncontrollable desire to buy things.

After leaving the store, I felt the first pinpricks of panic. I wondered whether Go Shop technology could convert someone with mild oniomania (compulsive shopping disorder) into a total shopaholic with serious financial problems.

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13 Nov

a person who is unknown; stranger.

Also called sheefish. a game fish, Stenodus leucichthys, of fresh or brackish northern waters.

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11 Nov

1. a flavoring made from diced vegetables, seasonings, herbs, and sometimes meat, often placed in a pan to cook with meat or fish.

2. finely chopped vegetables, as onions and carrots, sometimes with meat, often used as a bed for meat that is to be braised.

After you have removed the crayfish from the bowl, cook them quickly in a traditional mirepoix.

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10 Nov

Informal. wonderful, elegant, superb.

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8 Nov

coolness of mind; calmness; composure: They committed the robbery with complete sang-froid.

Admitting to himself that he was not possessed of genuine, innate sang-froid, he nevertheless firmly resolved to behave always as a fearless man would in his place.

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7 Nov

toward the mountains; inland.

You learned what all the island people know, about how to go mauka, toward the mountains in the middle of the island, and how to go makai, toward the ocean lying all around.

Mauka is a Hawaiian term formed from the directional particle ma- and uka meaning “inland, upland.” It entered English in the late 1800s.

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21 Sep

1. with great care or caution; warily.

2. cautious, careful, or wary.

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